Monday, October 17, 2011

In The Pursuit Of Knowledge! (and drunk stories)

I originally wrote this post back in March but for whatever reason (Good sense mostly) I never posted it. Here it is, not my best work...

I haven't posted in a little over two weeks because my mind has not been in any state for creative or even just comprehensible thought. Here's a quick recap of why, then a recap of a night of me being a drunken mess. (Sorry for the awful structure that follows)

The Monday and Tuesday after my last post I was extremely anxious waiting to hear back from the U of A on my application for the Fall 2011 semester. I didn't do much aside from try to distract myself by reading. By the time I woke up on Wednesday I had finally convinced myself that I was wasting my time worrying and got my mind off that track. This led to me becoming anxious and extremely excited for my trip the upcoming weekend. (We'll get to that trip in a moment) and since I've been home, I've been sicker than I can remember being.

My trip was, to put it mildly, super badass. I left Grande Prairie at 2pm on Thursday and headed to Edmonton. Spent the night visiting with my good friends Luke and David, and woke up the next day ready to hit the road again. After lunch I headed to Red Deer and went for coffee and visited with my friend Amie whom I hadn't seen since high school. It was fun, and we caught up on a lot of news about other people from our graduating class.

After that it was on to Calgary, to visit and party with Forrester and Lance. Forrester and I went to the movie Rango and had a blast, and the next day we went for an awesome lunch and then to a really cool comic book store.

That night Forrester, myself, and Zach went to Forrester's friend's apartment to pre-drink before the bar and  I had way too much to drink. I blacked out about 20 minutes before we left to the bar. Somehow, I still got into the bar, and was apparently making a complete ass of myself. Falling down, leaning on random people for balance, generally just not the way a well adjusted adult should ever act in public. I blacked back in right as I vomited the contents of my stomach all over an ATM, directly in front of a bouncer.

I got kicked out immediately, and had no clue where to go. I ended up taking a cab to what I thought was close to where I was staying, but ended up being about 20 blocks away.

I eventually made it back safe and sound, but will never drink Redbull and Vodka again.

-Onward and Upward!

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