Monday, October 31, 2011

Hatin' Ain't Nothin' But Motivation

   It's 11:33PM on October 31st as I begin to write this. Halloween, my favorite time of the year is almost over. I can't say I'm necessarily sad to be leaving the season behind. Being a university freshman on Halloween is the equivalent to bringing a knife to a tank fight. No amount of mental preparation could have gotten me ready for the insane amounts of alcohol I've consumed over the past 3 days.
   That being said, I had a blast Friday night. And greatly enjoyed doing volunteer work in costume on Saturday in a room full of people dressed in their formal wear. There are few things more amusing than walking into a room full of adults ranging in age from 30-60 and having every single one of them stifle their giggles at your Spongebob costume.

   I guess this means I'm finally learning not to take myself seriously. I have been told continuously over the past few weeks that I come off as cocky, I disagree with this. I feel like this is a problem directly relating to the people around me. Everyone is so damned serious all the time! It doesn't make you cool to refuse to smile, or to be unable to laugh at yourself. It makes you boring. I've met a few people at school who are willing to make jokes at their own expense, or do something goofy, or just take chances. These are the people I've instantly befriended.

   Unfortunately, for every person with a sense of humor about themselves, I've met dozens who take themselves more seriously than the world ever will. I'm not saying you're a bad person if you care too much what people think of you, but I am saying you will one day realize that your "cool guy" image was the reason we laughed when you walked by.

  Never was this "too-cool-for-this-shit"attitude more obvious than when I wore my costume around campus today. Several people would smile and give me thumbs up, or say something about it to me, but the people who care too much were the ones that stood out to me. The ones who looked me in the eyes as I passed them, or tried their best to keep a straight face, despite the fact that a guy in a Spongebob costume is clearly exactly the kind of thing you should laugh at, these people bothered me.

  Don't mistake this for me being annoyed by a lukewarm reception of my costume, I find it amusing that on Halloween, I couldn't get away from people wanting pictures with me on Friday or Saturday. It just seems to me, like too many people need the excuse of being drunk to openly enjoy themselves.

   Maybe it's  just me, maybe my ability to laugh at myself and openly enjoy myself without harming anyone else makes me a weirdo. If that's the case, lump me in with the other weirdos, it's way more fun with them anyways.

   I guess what I'm getting at, is people need to lighten the fuck up.

-Onward and Upward!

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