Sunday, February 22, 2015


Goodbye... Or perhaps I should say so long.

Goodbye just seems so hopelessly final. Like it's a forever sort of word.


I don't think I can let you leave forever.

I don't even want it to be for the night, let alone forever.

If you're gone who will take your place?

I can't even imagine that...replacing you...


I want to let you go. Let you be free, and explore the world.

I'm just so lonely when you're gone. Stay the night tonight?

I get it. You need freedom. I do too.

I just wish I could feel free from you. I need to feel that I'm worth your time.


I know, I shouldn't be keeping you, it's late and you need to sleep.

I could talk your ear off, or just sit and listen for hours.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Long Dark Pt.1

The wind that night had carried whispers with it as it blew into town. Whispers of sorrow, and death, and ruin, but also whispers of love, and recovery, and change for the better. No one knew quite what to think when the snow began to fall. The light, fluffy white kind at first, blanketing everything with a fragile, glimmering coat. But then the snow began to fall, as wet and as heavy as rain, and trees began to bend and groan under the stress.

For three days the snow fell without a sign of relenting. The older men in the village began to make jokes that the weather gods has forgotten about them. 

And as suddenly as it had began the snow stopped.

A Confession

What I'm about to tell you may seem strange. It may seem like the rantings of someone lacking sleep, or even like I'm just fucking with you. But trust me when I say this is the honest truth.