Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome to Strangeland...

As I sit here attempting to do research for a paper that's due Tuesday morning, I can't help but let my mind wander every now and then. I've been doing some self-analysis to try to figure out why in most of my courses, despite my regular input, my participation marks are fairly low. I've realized I've been self censoring to a degree.

   Basically when it comes time for a class discussion, there's two ways I react when the topic is one on which I have an opinion.

   Reaction one: I think through my input, realize that there's absolutely no way I will be able to articulate my opinion or view on the topic in a way that is appropriate for the limited class discussion time. That is to say, I realize I would completely dominate the conversation even if I kept my response concise. Because I'm not a total asshole, I just keep my mouth shut and let everyone else have their input.

   Reaction two: I put in my two cents, and articulate myself, dominating the discussion for a few minutes, until I realize what I'm doing, and cut myself short. Doing this usually ends with me half-making a point, realizing I'm taking a lot of class time, and finishing my incomplete opinion with "and...yeah." which in turn makes me sound and feel like an idiot.

   I believe that this self censoring/moderating is hurting my marks, if you've got any suggestions to remedy this, aside from the obvious "don't think so much" leave a comment.

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