Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Clique Should Be Cancelled...

I felt that since I've mostly posted cynical rants, and angry stuff on this page, it was time to thank everyone who's been there for me, and helped me through some tough stuff.

First, to my new friends that I've made since coming to Calgary; thank you all, you've accepted me despite my many flaws. You've all been extremely helpful in keeping me focused on what's important and seeing past the BS. You're some of the most genuine people I've ever met, opening up to someone you barely know can't be easy, but you're real with me, that takes balls. Thank you all for making this transition a million times easier than I thought it would be. Maybe when I've known you guys longer I'll have more to say here, for now, thank you.

   To my old friends, the ones who still talk to me; thank you for not getting involved in something that doesn't concern you. Thank you for being able to forgive me for all my past BS, and all the mistakes I've made, even though sometimes I think I don't learn a thing from them. Thank you for being there for me while I go through the transition of becoming a university student, as well as the struggles of living so far away from my family. Thank you for your endless support, and for giving me something to look forward to over the summer and over Christmas break. Thank you for all your past awesomeness, and thank you in advance for any future awesomeness.

   To my family, those who I talk to; I couldn't ask for a better family, we might not get along all the time. But we're always there for each other in the end. Mom, I can tell it's a huge pain in the ass for you that I'm in university, even though you would never say so. Thank you for everything, you've made me the man I am today, you definitely don't hear it enough, but you've been an amazing mother. No one could have done it better than you, not with all you had to overcome. You're a stronger person than I will ever be, I can barely take care of myself, let alone 3 little hellspawns. I could never thank you enough for everything you have sacrificed to provide for us, hopefully this is somewhat of a start. To my sister, one day you'll stop doing stupid things, and get your shit in order, and you'll do great things. Until then, you should expect lots of flack from everybody. We only rag on you because we all see your potential, and see you being an idiot and wasting it. To my uncle and aunty, you've been extremely supportive and helpful in regards to school, since day one. I am eternally grateful for everything, the financial support, the advice, and the encouragement. I love you all, thank you all for being the amazing people that you are.

   To my father, thank you for all the times you fucked up, made a fool of yourself, lied, and abused us, physically and emotionally. Thank you for showing me how shitty a person could actually be, and for ensuring that I will never be like you. You've done more in your self centered, moronic, hateful actions than you ever could have if you were just a halfway decent father figure. You've failed as a man, and as a father, and you've done so in such glorious fashion that I will never forget it. When I start to lose touch with my good side, all I have to do is think of your complete ineptitude, and I'm grounded again. Thank you for being the worst human being I have ever met.

-Onward and Upward!

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