Friday, February 25, 2011

Rant on Ignorance (expanded)

New thoughts:
Slippery Slope arguments (if we let gay people marry pretty soon someone will marry a goat etc.)
-The ignorant people who use this sort of logic need to realize that slippery slopes go both ways. (Zach Weiner points this out in a wonderfully hilarious way in this comic: )

(Originally posted by ME on Facebook on February 6th)

Gay Marriage 

I'm a big supporter of gay rights, but obviously this isn't the case with everyone. I don't have a problem with that, I mean, I am enlightened enough to be tolerant, some people are not. I don't get mad when someone objects to the idea of gay marriage or is grossed out by homosexual people, I simple want to know why.

This is the part that really gets me angry though. People who support gay rights always at least have half of a reason why, such as "It doesn't hurt me so why wouldn't we let them do what they want." whereas everyone whom I have talked to about it who is against it, and every major organization I have seen material from that is against gay marriage basically has 1 of 2 reasons.  1. They worry that it is ruining the "sacred institution of marriage" or 2. They claim that since the bible says "gays are bad omg!" that all gay people are wallowing in sin. 

These two "arguments" make me sad for the state of the world and for the possible offspring of such people. The sacred institution of marriage couldn't possibly be in worse shape, the divorce rate in North America is around 50% "til death do us part" needs to become  "til its no longer convenient". There is no more sacred institution of marriage when most marriages don't last. The argument that allowing gay marriage would somehow ruin marriage for straight people is like if I stopped you from eating ice cream because when I eat it my teeth hurt. It's not like marriage is some exclusive club that once all the un-cool people find out about it, its just gonna go to shit, its a legally binding contract saying that you're exclusive with someone until it's no longer convenient.

The second argument, the one about the bible? It's 2011, should we as a society really take cues from a book that was supposedly written centuries ago? Obviously people are entitled to believe whatever they want to believe, but to attempt to stop others from having different beliefs is just down right moronic. Yes some people follow the bible to the letter every day of their life, but religion has no place in law. 

Anyways thats just a rant inspired by some ignorance I was witness to this evening.

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