Friday, February 25, 2011

Rant About People

  This is going to be an extremely cynical post, that's what happens when you decide to make a blog at 4am. I'm beginning to lose all hope for humankind. I blame a few different things, the most prevalent of which in all our lives is big media.

  The right wing,  reactionary, judgemental media ever present in modern society makes me sad for our futures. I recently watched a video of a Fox news reporter mocking Atheists, and claiming Atheists were trying to ruin Christmas by not wanting Nativity scenes on Government property. This is obviously not the reasoning, and obviously a ridiculous, reactionary response by someone chosen for their speaking ability and not their brains. The thing that bothers me isn't that this opinion exists, but rather that someone was given a forum on which to voice this opinion as if it was fact. Most people don't watch the news for opinion, and don't consciously filter out the view from the facts. In this particular case the FACTS were that an unidentified person or party took the nativity scene down, and a few days later an Atheist person, or group, or perhaps even someone playing a joke, put up a sign calling the spot an Atheist nativity scene.

  The intelligent person would see these two facts and see it as one of 2 things. 1. A joke that happened to offend a large amount of people or 2. An attempt at offending people. However, the reporter who decided this was newsworthy saw it as an attack on Christmas. This is just one of the MANY examples of reactionary media that I have witnessed. And I worry what this sort of thing does for the psyche of people who get their world views from the evening news.

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