Sunday, February 27, 2011

Less Science More BASS

Another music review? This one will be a bit shorter and more to the point.
I was watching Craig Smith's newest youtube update and in it he mentions a rapper named Hopsin and says to check him out, so I did. I cannot believe I'm just now hearing about this guy! His style is like Eminem's early stuff in the multi-syllabic rhymes and funny and violent content, I watched all his videos on youtube and then bought his album, it's seriously THAT good. All his music videos are directed and produced by the man himself, and they're all pretty good too.
 Raw [Explicit] <---MP3 Download goodness (pay for it and support a struggling artist)
For any of the tracks that have a music video click on the track title for the video.

Track 1: Hot 16's
Pure rap, lots of great lyrics. "You see wackness doesn't sit on my nerves well, you couldn't bust with a dick full of sperm cells"

Track 2: Sag My Pants (video)
The funniest song on the album, violent, fun, and disses Drake, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boi, and Lupe Fiasco.
"Soulja Boi you got a corny flow, so you can suck my f---in d--k thru a gloryhole"

Track 3: You Are My Enemy (video)
A very angry song, dedicated to several people who have wronged Hopsin in his life.
"Since when are buddies supposed to be so mean? there must be hate in the air that we both breathe"

Track 4: Trampoline
An autobiographical song that still manages to get in a shot at Lil Wayne. "a dangerous necessity, I came here to wreck emcees, you're wrong if you thinkin Wayne was the recipe"

Track 5: I'm Not Introducing You
A song more or less telling trashy girls to have some self respect. "kiss the first night? its not that time, no hoes hoppin inside my ride"

Track 6: I Can't Decide
This song is about gang violence, in a story telling style reminiscent of Eminem and Dr. Dre's Guilty Conscience. "Tyrone's dead, all over some dumb sh--, his homies don't know who did it, they just got assumptions"

Track 7: I Am Raw featuring SwizZz
Hopsin and label mate SwizZz tell the stories of their struggles trying to make a living rapping. "I told him how I left my life in the OC, and we concluded that we could both use FV (Funk Volume) "

Track 8: Nocturnal Rainbows
A comparatively calm, introspective song that has some very deep lyrical content. "Obama's president, so? What's it represent? Just because the n----s half black doesn't mean he's heaven sent."

Track 9: How You Like Me Now featuring SwizZz (video)
This song is basically a big eff you to anyone who doubted or hate Hopson and SwizZz. "So I'm a flop? Nah that's where you guys are wrong, I sh-- on n----s, that's why I rap with a diaper on"

Track 10: Heather Nicole
A very emotional song lamenting the loss of a former girlfriend and apologizing for past mistakes. "She said you never loved me, you just controlled me, if you f--- around I'm calling the police"

Track 11: Kill Her (video)
This song talks about Tomica Wright, the head of Ruthless Records, and how she walked all over Hopsin and took advantage of his naiveté. "You're the reason I say f--- my life, I hate you b---, it's a must we fight"

Track 12: I'm Not Crazy featuring SwizZz and Cryptic Wisdom
This song is  the 3 artists talking about what they would do if they were legitimately crazy, Hopsin once again manages to diss Lil Wayne. "If I was crazy I would go pick up the mic and use it, and tell Dewayne Carter that I really like his music"

Track 13: Where Will I Go
Another deep and introspective song. Touches on topics of religion and Hopsin's motivation, among others. "I do this because I know its what I'm destined to be, I do this for the kids who were always messed with and teased"

Track 14: Baby's Daddy
More of Hopsin's jaded but funny world view, this time talking about his ex having a baby with another man, who then left her, and her wanting Hopsin's help raising the child. "I knew this would happen without a question, but you said 'I never have sex without protection'"

Track 15: Blood Energy Potion (video)
This song was written as a promo for Blood Energy Potion. A very violent song, lots of lyrical skill though. "You don't like me? Tune it out, I'm living life on the foolish route"

Track 16: Pillow Man
A song about the difficulties and disrespect Hopsin has faced in his life. "But man I'm hoping things will change and the soul in me remains, cuz the talent that I've got is way too cold to be contained."

Bonus Hopsin video link goodness

Pans In The Kitchen (great song) "I used to push weight on the block, a fat chick, she was barely able to walk"


-Onward and Upward!

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