Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Speech Class, Drunken Ass, and something else that rhymes with that.

I am writing this on January 15th of 2013, one day before my 23rd birthday. I've not posted anything in a while that wasn't somewhat depressing. I plan to make up for that here.

Since I last wrote on here I've befriended new people, avoided making too many drunken mistakes, and  passed the most challenging course of my young university career.

I suppose a good place to start would be the new friends. Since fairly early in last school year I've known this girl named Kaylene who just happens to be our current student body president. I mostly just knew who she was because she's so involved with activities around campus that nearly everyone knows who she is, but then on the Kokanee FreeRide trip last spring we talked and realized we knew each other but did not know how. These sorts of things happen, so I brushed it off as us probably having met earlier in the year and forgot about it.

Cut to this year in the first semester at the campus bar, running into Kaylene multiple times whilst we are both intoxicated, always chatting a bit then going our separate ways. Until Halloween, when we discussed the fact that we never talked while we were both sober, and I gave her my number. About a month and a half later, upon realizing she had still not contacted me, I gave her a hard time about it on another drunk night. She gave me her number and we began to talk on occassion.

On one of the last nights of December in which I would actually be in Calgary we decided to go for food and some drinks, and we got along awesomely. We've hung out once since then and that was pretty fun too. It's always cool when you can befriend someone as fun and outgoing as this girl is.

Next up is Christmas break. The only real news aside from seeing my family, which is always a sweet and sour situation, is that I bought myself a MicroKorg analog synthesizer. I don't know how to play it worth a damn but I figured I'd give myself something to do that, unlike drinking, is not a constant financial drain. So in my spare time since then, I've been working on making music, as well as practicing my vocal abilities (if having a deep, monotonous voice counts as an ability).

This semester I'm taking my standard 2 history courses and 1 political science course, as well as a speech class. Introduction to public speaking seems like it will be a worthwhile endeavour as I've long been better at articulating my thoughts on paper than through speech, and I'd like to balance that out a little bit. I gave my first speech in class yesterday and I definitely fucked it up and rushed through it.

This past saturday was my birthday celebration, and me and 4 friends (plus 2 friends of friends) went to a beer and pizza place here in Calgary called Beer Revolution. It was amazing, great food, amazing beer selection, and good company. Aside from our server looking like she was sick of dealing with our table, it was all around an awesome experience, which we followed up by going to a few bars before settling on one called Melrose.

There's not too much to tell about the time at Melrose other than that it's my kind of bar, an older crowd, and places to sit and chat, rather than a packed dance floor with less tables than your average dining room. I'm the kind of guy who when I wanna go wild I'll go wild, but I would almost always prefer to just have some drinks and sit around talking with friends, which is more or less what we did. The girl I invited out and I made out a bit, but I was trying to be respectful, not only to her but to my friends who would likely rather not watch me shove my tongue down some girl's throat.

Around 1:30am we decided to leave melrose and have an afterparty back at the apartment, leaving early allowed us to pick up some liquor before the stores all closed. The after party was a bit much, with my friend's friend trying to boss me around and tell me how to behave in my own house, as well as making pathetic attempts to psychoanalyze me stating "I'm a psych major I know my stuff!" And my long time friend making out with the girl whom I had made out with earlier in the night. (Not that this really bothered me beyond being mildly grossed out, it's not my place to care after all.) It was around 5am by the time everyone left (except for the girl and her female friend she had brought along). And it was time to call it a night.

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