Monday, December 1, 2014

The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Potter

This is my first post in forever, almost two full years, I guess I got sidetracked by life, as is wont to happen...I have so much that I've wanted to say but I've been doing the arguably healthy thing and venting through more abstract forms of expression, like music. A few caring individuals have encouraged me to write more though, so here goes I guess...
First, I'll be posting some song lyrics and such on here in the near future, so go ahead an ignore those in advance, they're not particularly good or clever.

I've broken the post up into titled, numbered segments, because listicles are all the rage. (Fun fact, list style articles trigger the reward center in your brain as you get to the next enjoy the're welcome!) I've resisted the urge to call this post something stupid and formulaically clickbait-ey like "I thought he was just posting on his blog, but what I read shocked me to tears." It was fairly easy not to do that, since unlike the scum of the internet Buzzfeeds and Upworthys that use this formula, I actually write content.

1. The Work/School Grind

Okay, with that said, there's a lot to talk about, I'll start with the fun stuff! As of yesterday I'm officially unemployed after my first time working while in school. 0/10 do not recommend. I commend those who work while in school, but if you can afford not to, don't do it. This was by far the most aggravating semester of my academic life so far, and not just because of girls for once.

That's not to say there were no benefits to working, I had more money to go out and have fun with friends, so the lack of time to do so sucked a bit less when I could go hard on the nights we did go out.

Additionally, lack of stress over funds made me more willing to try new things; it's easier to take a chance on a new bar, new drink, new band, or new group of people to go out with, when the financial drain is less of an issue.

The other upside was having a significant discount on electronics and housewares. I bought a mic stand so I can record more, and I bought a new frying pan, tres excite!

That being said, it was a grind, my free days were taken up by either work or school stuff, which meant a lot of late nights and early mornings, and a caffeine addiction to match.

2. The Fairer Sex

Alright, anyone who knows me knew I would write about women here. There's not a tonne to tell that I'm willing to disclose in a public forum. I've got nothing to hide, but some of these women still have dignity to protect.

I'll start with the less salacious stories... (Oh shit a list within a list!)

The Activist

She's genuinely one of the most interesting and caring people I've met. She's absolutely stunning, and has modern day hippy ideals, but not in that annoying "omg you eat meat!?" way. I don't think she has any interest in me beyond a sort of morbid curiosity and friendship. I wish this wasn't the case, but sometimes life is a bit of an asshole. She gave me a card basically thanking me for being me...and I have never wanted to kiss someone so bad as I wanted in that moment. I don't know what else to say about her because there's so much to say that would give away who she is to anyone who knows her. I'll just say she inspires me and pushes me in ways no one else has...I'm lucky to have her in my life in any capacity...even if I want more.

The "Not That Type of Girl"

I met this girl during the Calgary Stampede, and she's a cute, seemingly insanely innocent girl. I found out that one of my close friends had hooked up with her and ended up burning her, and that made me really question him. She's one of the few people I hang out with who consistently seems intimidated by me, and I find it simultaneously embarrassing and flattering. She came over at around 1am one night, made me get drunk with her, then asked if she could sleep over in my bed. She then proceeded to shut me down repeatedly from doing anything other than making out with her. Not entirely sure what to think of this girl. We stopped talking for a long time after Stampede, which bummed me out a bit since the one night we spent pretty much the whole night at Stampede ignoring everyone else and just dancing and flirting. Anyways, we recently started talking again, so at the very least I'll have someone to chill with on occasion.

There's a few others, but without identifying details I can't tell enough of a story about them...on to the more fun ones:

The Roommate

I've known this girl for nearly 3 years now. Last year I sparked up a bit of a situation with her roommate but it never progressed very far since she wanted a relationship and I didn't. Anyway, I started talking to her in September because I hadn't seen her in a while and decided to text her. This lead to me flirting with her, because I'm a manchild and don't know how to have a non-sexual conversation.

Basically at some point in flirting with her she brought up her roomie and mentioned that she had been jealous of what we were doing, because she had feelings for me for a while but I didn't seem to even notice her. This lead to me telling her that I found her attractive, but didn't want to bring it up before because she had always openly flirted with my friends, so I didn't wanna face rejection.

Jump cut to her coming over after the bar one night...

The "Love You Like a Brother"

I met this girl during Stampede as well, and initially I really had zero interest. Then she started hanging out a bunch and my friends started to ask why I wasn't trying to make a move. This led to me re-examining the whole situation, and realizing that we had been flirting a lot, and I had just kind of put it out of my mind.

This resulted in me bringing it up to her one night while which point she told me "I love you like a brother...I don't think we could ever do anything..."

She slept over that night...she took back the "like a brother" thing not too long after we laid down in my bed.

The Girlfriend

This is a girl I've known since my first year here, and I've always kinda had an on and off thing with her. She moved away last year, so I didn't see her for the better part of a year, but she moved back this fall. We started hanging out and doing weird pseudo-date type stuff, dinner and a movie and such, but it always just seemed like posturing.

Then one day she invited herself over, we went straight up to my room and got pretty intense right away. As soon as everything was finished she kissed me and then pulled away and told me she has a boyfriend now.

So that's all the ones I wanna talk about, I might talk about more situations with females in the near future...

3. The Expanded Mind

I've never been a drugs guy. I used to smoke a lot of weed but it started to make me too paranoid, so I stopped that shortly after high school. I've never really done other drugs, until about a year ago when I first tried mushrooms.

All I can say about mushrooms is that I can see absolutely zero reason for them to be illegal. I don't want to do them all the time, and have only done them a handful of times despite thoroughly enjoying them every time. Unlike weed, or drugs that people actually become properly addicted to, I don't CRAVE getting high again on mushrooms. They're just one of those things that make life more fun for the time that the high lasts.

A lot of my friends have these misconceptions that mushrooms make you see all sorts of crazy stuff like movie scenes where people try acid and see the world as demons or cartoons. In the times I've tried them, the craziest thing I've seen is the walls breathing with me.

Essentially they just make me euphoric, and make everything significant and hilarious.

Just an example: My friend who was on them with me the last time I did them was texting his friend who was at Cowboys, he messaged her saying "How's cowboys tonight? Are there lots of hats?" and we both lost our shit laughing about that.

When she replied asking what he meant he text back saying "I'll take a black hat please, preferably a European one from the 1950s." and we again lost our minds laughing at this.

I'm not one to condone illegal activities, but if you get the chance to try mushrooms with people you trust, don't turn it down based on preconceived notions of scary hallucinations or the thought of having a bad trip.

4. The (F)Artist

Aw yeah, see that shit up there ^^^ ? That's right motherfucker, Brian Posehn reference! Comedy nerd cred!

Sorry, I'm tired and a bit tipsy now.

Anyway, I've been writing a lot more as I indicated in the intro to this post. I owe that in part to the activist mentioned in the fairer sex category, she seems genuinely interested in my artistic expressions.

I would write more, but then that would leave me with fuck all to say for future posts about music and the like. So....leave me some feedback, and let me know what a POS I am for putting my business out there like this.

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