Saturday, October 20, 2012

University Life 2: The Reckoning

So I had originally planned to post on here a lot more often than what I actually do, it was going to be my own personal record of my experiences in University, and that would have been spectacular. I failed at this task miserably by posting only when something angers me, less than half of what I had intended to write about. So I guess I'll use this post and my current free time to make up for that. Here goes...
Returning to school this year I was already infinitely more confident than I had been last year. No longer fearful, or shy, I came here ready to make this year my bitch. It began pretty quickly, on my first day telling my RA that I wouldn't be attending any planned events (as opposed to last year where I was guilt tripped into a slew of boring events over the first month and a half of the semester.

Then came reuniting with some of the friends I made last year, it was as if the 4 month break between semesters had never happened, it was an easy fit and we were all quickly back to our old ways of sitting around drinking and wishing we knew more girls. The first time that I saw a girl with whom I could not agree on anything last year, I told her that she looked fantastic and that I wanted a fresh start.

That was step one of making the year awesome. Step two was to meet more people, not the easiest of tasks when your social circle consists mainly of a group of friends who know each other from their last few years together and are hesitant to bring in others. The solution? Go where I know a fair number of people but will not know the majority: the student bar at the school. My connections with the returning employees from last year (and the...mostly...good impressions I left with them) allowed me to ease myself into potentially awkward social situations.

Having met much of the new staff I was back in my comfort zone from last year, simultaneously a good and a bad thing. (It's hard to step things up if they're comfortable the way they are.) Enter Gin and Mountain Dew:

It was a typical Thursday night (Student night at the bar) and I was with my typical group of friends pre-drinking. This time I had decided to drink some good alcohol (Tangueray 10) with some caffeine (something I had not attempted since the blackout night) I was already pretty hyped by the time I got to the bar, and ended up introducing myself to one of the best looking girls I've ever met (and consequently dancing with her) and we got along great. The following Saturday i met up with her and 2 other employees from the bar at a pub, and had some good chats and got her number.

I quickly realized that this girl, although beautiful and pretty fun to drink with, was not my type. I set my sights on a few other girls and have since been just trying to have fun with everyone I talk to. I feel like I'm naturally a pretty funny guy, though it sometimes comes through in awkward or perverted ways, most people I've met agree that I'm funny in some way or another. I've now made it my mission to talk to and impact as many people as I can.

This past Thursday I talked to possibly the most gorgeous girl I've ever met, and despite being blackout drunk managed to make a good enough impression to get her to add me on Facebook (without me prompting her to do so).

Obviously more than this has happened in the past month and a half, but I'll talk about some of that later.

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