Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short but Sweet & Sour

It looks like my body has finally had enough of the university party lifestyle, after having partied nearly every day since St. Patrick's I'm now sick. I woke up this morning with my throat so badly swollen that I couldn't talk and it took considerable effort to swallow the water I immediately reached for upon waking. I'm still unsure if this is a result of irritation from the amount of yelling one has to do in a noisy bar, or if I'm legitimately sick.
I'm banking on the former as it would hopefully go away within a day, but I've been sleeping on and off all day just in case it's a cold or something worse.

I don't regret the decision to party so much as it has not affected my grades (I wrote a paper for my American History course and got an A on it...I will post it here tomorrow) and I've met a lot of wonderful people over the last few weeks. Just last night I finally had a long enough conversation with my friend's girlfriends' sister to be comfortable asking her about hanging out some time. She's a cool girl and we talked about the failure of most comic book movies to stick to the particular mood and mythos of the story arcs around which they are based. (Of note was the butchering of Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine)

I also won a Kokanee Free Ride pass last week which gives me a free trip to Lake Louise with 50 or so other students from my school (about 8 of whom I've already met) and access to the Kokanee beer gardens in the aforementioned location. I wouldn't have won the pass if I hadn't stayed late at the bar.

Anyways, that's it for now, I'm headed back to bed.

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