Friday, July 27, 2012

Gettin' High to Disguise My Lows

I'm beginning to think coming home and working construction for the summer was a mistake. Sure I've got to see some good friends but everything else about it has ranged from shitty to full on traumatic.
As I had expected, nothing here mentally stimulates me the way the city does, it actually seems to stifle not only my creativity but my drive to do anything at all. Top this feeling off with the loss of a wonderful friend not a month ago and I can build a strong case for never returning to my hometown. I've tried to make the best of a bad situation but it has only lead to more frustration at my failing attempts to improve my standing.

I took the initiative to learn to run different equipment at work only to be told after 3 days of staying late and learning on my own time that I was not allowed to run said equipment and was no longer allowed to learn on the company's machines.

My mother got a new house which she moves into on September 5, but it's hard to be excited for her knowing our lovely pets need new homes, and that I won't have a place to come back to next summer if the plan to find work in Calgary falls through.

Anyways, just a short rant.

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